Communities and Schools

Arterworks works hard to help community projects and is equally happy to undertake specific projects that they can deliver on time and within a pre defined budget.

They equally enjoy working with children to deliver a themed project painting walls, porta cabins and even developing games on the playground.

Arterworks has successfully worked on a whole variety of projects both privately and in schools and the community, creating bright, child orientated spaces for play and for stimulation.

Play areas on patios and pavements create an outdoor space for fun and games and can also be specifically designed to encourage counting and letter recognition.

By brightening dingy corners, or narrow spaces that can be dark and threatening, not only do you improve the environment but it can help to alleviate bullying.

Community projects undertaken have involved children from 6 months to 16+ ! The children can be involved in the whole process, from creating the original images through the painting and care for the project.

Give youngsters the credibility they deserve for their efforts, ownership of their work and pride in their achievements. Help them to respect their environment and maintain it’s future.

Want to know more?

Contact Carol at Arterworks. Teacher to DH status.