Reiki (pronounced ray key) means universal life force energy. It is a safe  gentle, non-intrusive, hands-on healing technique from Japan. The Reiki energy stimulates your nervous system this in turn triggers your body’s natural healing mechanism , which works to balance your energy system and restore good health.

Reiki works on your energy body and on four levels, the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. We all hold on to stress in different ways , and Reiki can help relieve the symptoms. Upsets in our lives through work, financial worries or relationships, can cause incredible distress. So often we are overloaded with all the thoughts flying around of situations we are trying to deal with, that we suffer headaches or have disturbed sleep. In turn that leads to an inefficient work day to follow , as no one can function well when overtired. If you think spiritually, how many of us actually take any me-time in our ever- busy lives –  to get to know our real self and listen to our innermost thoughts? Reiki can really help you feel calmer and become more centred.

Reiki works  at the underlying cause , rather than the symptoms helping the body to rebalance. I frequently work with people who are having sleepless nights, headaches and other aches and pains,who have found that Reiki has really benefited them in easing their problems .

During a treatment  clients become relaxed as the Reiki energy flows through the body, sometimes falling asleep. Some clients experience warmth or coolness , others a tingling  or a sense of peace . Some see colours or feel emotional as old patterns surface. No two treatments are the same as the body will use the Reiki energy where it is most needed at the time of treatment.

The aim , as a practioner, is to encourage you to relax and enjoy the treatment , to clear your mind and focus on the moment. Talking however, is a matter for the individual – it certainly doesn’t  stop the flow of energy!

Client confidentiality is always respected, and we hope you will go away energised yet relaxed . It is always recommended that you drink extra water for a few days after a treatment to flush toxins out  of the system. It is extremely important to keep yourself hydrated to aid all your bodily functions.

For further information about Reiki, or to book an appointment , please call , text or email me via the contact details . I hold a clinic just outside Canterbury (generally on a Tuesday or Wednesday evening though can be flexible), and although I have moved  from my premises in Cliftonville, I am still holding regular Reiki clinics at the Hawley Centre in Margate(Thanet) – on Thursdays. These can be booked either directly with me or by contacting the Hawley Centre.

I look forward to hearing from you .


I will be holding a Reiki First Degree course on September 17th & 18th at the Hawley Centre Margate for further details please contact me directly.

There will also be a 2nd degree course in the near future